Service offer

Our company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services focusing on trading activities with the Arab states, including, but not limited to, the following  in particular:


The focus of our activities is the area of energy, security equipment and technology, rescue technology, engineering, food items, wood processing, manufacturing industry, oil industry and refineries, but we are also able to embrace other industries as well.

We are able to handle deliveries comprehensively including transport and customs formalities according to customer requirements.

Based on our ability to assess the given product we search for the best suited supplier in terms of price, quality, and reliability.

Thanks to an intensive system of enquiry and extensive network of suppliers we are able to offer a very large range of various products and equipment from the above-mentioned manufacturing fields.

Our services are very flexible and consistent. It is always our goal to satisfy the needs of our customers in the shortest possible time while providing the required quality for the agreed price.


Based on the assessment of the given projects performed by potential candidates from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, we are able to provide an adequate investor from among our partners in the Arab states.


Based on a specific request of companies from the Arab countries, we are able to find eligible long-term partners from among Czech or Slovak companies. The same applies to companies from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, if they want to find a business partner in the Arab countries.

The preferred type of cooperation is through a business representative and by following a clearly defined timetable described in a mutual agreement.

Our company participates in the selection of partners, in negotiations and the related agenda, including provision of translation services.

An integral part of our service is the provision of consulting services related to contract conclusion, business or economic consultancy and providing coordination services during trade and business negotiations.


If it is the requirement of our client to establish a business representation in an Arab country, we are able to provide the necessary legislative, administrative, technical and personnel support.

This support includes the establishment of an office with the required equipment and staff.

Our company is also able to ensure compliance with applicable legislative requirements and standards, or to arrange for and provide the necessary certificates and built the applicable shipping structure (warehouses, transport, distribution, etc.).

These services include advisory and consulting services focusing on contract conclusion processes, as well as on translation and interpreting services in line with the standards of the given country.


Based on the specifications of our client we are able to search in detail through potential contacts and address the potential supplier.

These analyses are processed with focus on the given target group of potential customers active in various Arab countries.

We also perform a survey of foreign markets based on the specifications of our potential clients, where their position in the given market is clearly defined in terms of their competitors and where proper business implementation conditions are established including motivational mechanisms and recommendations for the necessary following steps.

The results of the above searches may be done in various ways, starting with simple lists of potential contacts and ending with scheduling personal negotiations including our assistance and conclusion of contracts and the actual beginning of cooperation.

The first contact with potential customers takes place directly in the country where the extent of our participation is specified in a contract and depends on the specific requirements of the client.

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